3 Animations from me.


This is my entry to Heckray’s Geometrical Invasion Collab. I think I mastered adding 3D elements to Stick Noded while animating this. I now notice I need to work a lot on force, adding effects & whatnot.


This is my entry to Zerlaw’s Carnage collab. I have learned how to create a fighting animation that is both fluid and powerful. Oh, oh! CapPop throwback!


This is a Team Domination Short Film Teaser. I gathered some animators I know well in both loyalty and animation. Here’s who I gathered:




X Wonders,


I’ve already finished the script and what each person should animate. Now, I’ll be sending them all individually what they need.

(I couldn’t add a video to the add animation button)

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  • Sean

    April 21, 2017

    Yeah I haven’t made an option for video yet due to current limitations but I believe in the future it will be possible for me to add it. But the animation adding can be done if it’s a .gif


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