23 thoughts on “After the Ambush

  1. Hahaha thanks going to post them but some of theme aren’t usable yet, i think if I kept the stick figure count Lowe enuf i could have gone further but this animation sort of fried my brain hahahaha

    1. Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I think you ran into the same issue as Jirito, memory ran out. Just too many frames/stickfigures for the app/device to handle. It sucks, but I don’t know if there’s much I can do. Just curious, about how many frames did you get to before this crash started happening?

      1. Not hating or anything, but I hate that. It has nothin to do with the device unless you have a very slow tablet. It’s not.our fault.

        1. He’s talking about even the highest-end tablet you can get out there, currently there is not enough RAM in any mobile device to handle such things.

  2. Frames where more or less 400 but I had alot of sticks in it which could have contributed to the memory thing as you say, could it maby be the apks cache that can’t store enough memory,

  3. This is amazing Thane, there’s so much detail!

    Bravo, bravo indeed. You’re getting better with each animation you make, this one was so smooth and fluid, I love it!

  4. Thanks guys, I got to say though the explosion is something I had left over from pivot, dug it out of a old pc

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