NicoNico By Optical Core

NicoNice by Optical Core


Hey there everyone!

Looks like this is the first post made on this website, how awesome is that?

Really awesome you say? Well, you’re far too kind!


Anyway, welcome to Animation Alpha, this is a site dedicated to sharing the animations of the world so that you may draw inspiration from them to help you create your own epiconian animations that will shock and amaze everyone you show!

I’m also taking suggestions on the contact page from anyone so that they may help someone get the spotlight that they deserve. I will then be making a compilation post on a regular basis of all of the animations I’ve received since the last one and giving links to where you can find more from those animators.

I will also be making a post series that I’m titling Alpha Animators, a section dedicated to the ‘Best Of’ submitted animations to this site.


So to kick things off I’ll just leave this really kick-ass animation made by Optical Core, a 19-year-old guy with an obvious passion for Naruto and the like, he also has amazing Adobe Flash skills, ones I envy.



I personally love when the music kicks in, it really feels like a real built up fight scene, though it didn’t last too long after the music.. the music should have kicked in a little earlier to be honest, or at-least a different song of similar epicness.

I also really love the abrupt movements to simulate amazing speed and mega strength capable of destroying entire mounds of rock and marble.


Alright well that’s all I have to say for this post, stay tuned for more and don’t forget to subscribe using the form at the top of the sidebar to the right – Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave a comment & I’ll see you next time for more inspiration!


  • Ralph

    February 15, 2015

    Holy crap, that dude is amazing at special effects. I mean, he’s an amazing animator all-around, but his special effects game is on point. Damn, that was some inspiring stuff.

    More posts like this, thx.

    • Sean

      February 17, 2015

      Indeed, I mean – did you see those water effects too? He made it so realistic looking!

      Cheers man, glad you liked it. Thy will be done!


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