Stick Figure Fight Montage

Stick Figure Montage


Hello again you awesome readers, how are you all? Good? Excellent!


Well anyway, welcome back for another dose of animation inspiration! Today I have a really awesome 2D stick figure animation to show you, it’s a collaboration made by fans of the game called League of Legends. Gotta say, I’ve never once played that game, I’m not really into those sorts of games at all.

This animation is far more interesting to me than League of Legends has ever been, and it kinda makes me want to give it a shot. I doubt I will, but if the game were more 2D based and played like the following animation, I would be all over that game for sure!


Anyway, here it is, hope you like it!

Pretty amazing stuff right there huh? It really makes me want to open up Stick Nodes or Pivot and just start making lightning fast paced fighting animations, especially the slowing down time effects to chop up the enemies while they’re in the air like that!

The guys who made this montage did an amazing job animating it, of course it was done in Flash, but the animation styles can carry over to any 2D animation software and that’s the one I’m more fluent with and the ones I have the most fun with too.


If I had to choose a favorite part of those animations it would probably be during the little lightning guy, all his electrical effects and super speed looks really awesome, and it’s simple enough for me to emulate if I decided to.

Also, the archery stick figure really makes me want to go and make bow and arrow set in Stick Nodes and submit it to the stick figure page, I’m sure people could make some awesome stuff with that.

But the whole lot was done so well that all the rest are a very close second for me!


Alrighty, I hope you liked this post and I really hope it inspires you to create an amazing animation! If you do, please post it on the forums so that I can see it and maybe make a feature about it.

Stay tuned for more, please leave a comment/share if you enjoyed it and don’t forget to subscribe via the sidebar, see you next time!


  • Ralph

    February 17, 2015

    Man, watching stuff like that really makes me nostalgic for the days of animating stickfigures every day. Good times. It’s amazing how much the standard has improved for animations like that nowadays. What’s considered a decent/good animation now was considered utterly amazing back then (back then – holy crap am I old or something?).

    • Sean

      February 17, 2015

      Yes Ralph, you’re old.

      No but seriously, same here, that’s pretty much all I used to do while I was going to school.. come home and get straight into animating.. hell I’d even animate while AT school.

      Yeah, well that standard has been raised a bit, but keep in mind this is Flash, but I agree that the flash animators have become far better these days.

  • Scarlett

    July 20, 2017

    I love such kind of animations that merges two styles together i.e 2D animation, Stick Figure.
    it makes the video or game more exciting and interesting.


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